I've been travelling almost every year since I'm a child and since then my photo souvenirs became more than a hobby. Wandering up and down mountains or through endless landscapes, my vision of photography evolved to a certain sensibility to light and details. Begining with a simple compact, I quickly invested in a reflex. Learning through multiple tries and errors, taking advice from fellow photographers, technical knowledge is no more a restraint and I can experiment freely with all kind of photography.

I always wanted to share all the wonders I can see and let people escape during the time of a picture. Through the means of my blog I keep on showing stories of other kinds of nature, people, and cultures. After three years of posting a multitude of pictures from many different places, I want to open up to a more professional world of photography.

Combining my knowledge of travels, hikes, mountains, photography, and the social skills I acquired in all the variety of jobs I had, will be a good opportunity to share my skills by accompanying groups in their expeditions, adventures, experiences. Photography is at first personnal, but it's better to learn how to do it yourself to express the wonders you can see.

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Want to follow my adventures around the world ?

Since 2014, I am uploading about my travels on a blog. Writing about my global experience in the country and the little things that happenned to me. It is mostly in French but there is always a sizeable photo gallery at the end. All kind of pictures are posted to show the best of the places I am visiting. Feel free to look around and leave comments.


Life Experiences

I believe they are the most important things from what you learn in your life and shape your personality.


By far the best way to understand life

I set foot on all the 7 continents and dived in all 5 oceans, but still have an infinit number of places to discover. I am not trying to visit all the world but I take time in the countries I am in. To see as much as you can from their people, culture, and of course landscapes, gives you a great lesson in life. Every place is worth an exploration. Getting out of your comfort zone pushes you to some unexpected experiences. It is by meeting different people that you can learn and it is all the same for photography. It was in the middle of nowhere in Bolivia, around 4000m of altitude, that I learned how to take night skies in picture with the help of Guillaume Desachy, or on a cruise trip to Antarctica that I met Ben Osborn to learn about wildlife photography on snow. No matter where you are, there is always someone to share their knowledge about what they enjoy.

Mountainering and trekking

Where your mind can wander and climb to some heights

This is at the same time thrills and peace, the best opportunity to escape the current world and feel the nature. I managed to climb a 6000m summit in the Andes and a few over 3500m in Europe. A lot of efforts worth the beautiful view and the great feeling of accomplishment. While camping you have all the time you need for sunsets and sunrise. Because nature photography is mostly done during these hours, it is important to be able to spend time there. Maybe you will be able to get a glimpse at a Puma in the Andes, Dolphins in Australia, or a whole herd of Ibex in the Alps.


An unusual way of transportation to open yourself and understand the country you are in

I began to do it some years ago in Chile and now I travelled more than ten thousands kilometers with my thumb. A tough experience on long distances but which offers you to meet and talk with the locals better than any other way. It doesn't mean you have to do it all the time but it helps to open your mind and go to the people. It's all about listenning and sharing to understand and discover unknown places. Patience is fundamental and rewards you with unexpected outcomes. This is the time when you learn about hidden local gems and end up hosted like a family member of a complete unknown person.

The unexpected

The peak of your adventure, the anecdote that make it yours only

This is definitely what most travellers look for in their trips. The unique moment no one experienced before. It can be just animals passing in the wild or a huge storm that will stuck you for a couple of days in a lost house. These are the stories you tell when you come back. These are the first pictures you will print for yourself to remember your travel. But in the end you always need to provoke your luck to live the unexpected. For me, my most intense memory is the eruption of the Villarica Volcano. A column of 3km of Lava dancing in the sky, frightening, hyptnotising, and thrilling all at once. In photography these moments are the best and the worse at the same time. You need to know your camera quite well to be able to catch this unexpected passing whale or toucan. Don't think you'll get to take the shot twice, only flowers are patient enough to wait for your picture.


Because communication is the key to undestanding

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  • Spanish
  • Learning words from listening to unknown languages